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Brick Supplier UK

Custom Brick Supplier In the UK 

Finding Custom Bricks And Masonry Brick Solutions For Your Development Projects



We Can Provide You With Any Bricks of Any Shape on The Market




Custom brick supplier in the UK

 At Custom Bricks we provide you with any brick solution you need.

We can provide you with any bricks of any shape on the market, and can provide you with the perfect brick based on any colours or general styles you are searching for through our brick matching service.

Let us do the hard work for you. Simply send us an enquiry of the kind of facade, brickwork or masonry you are after, and we will find you a great match with a free quote.

Let us be your custom brick supplier in the UK and contact us with your brick search today. 


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Supplied bricks from Custom Bricks, a brick supplier in the UK

Supplied bricks by Custom Bricks a brick supplier in the UK

Red bricks, a brick supplier in the UK





Bricks We Supply

 Brick Supplier in UK, Supplying Crest Bricks

 Brick Supplier in the UK, supplying Bricks by Traditional brick and stone


 Brick Supplier in the UK, Supplying bricks by AAB


 Brick Supplier in the UK, supplying bricks from the bespoke brick co

 Brick Supplier in the UK, supplying bricks by vandersanden



 Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC     Forterra     Wienerberger    IBSTOCK






Any Brick On The Market

Simply give us a few details of what kind of brick you are after, and we will get back to you soon with the best match possible.  You might have a specific brick in mind, or a general idea of how you want your development to look. In either case, let us know and we can find the perfect brick for your project.

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In-Vogue Custom Bricks

We know the brick market very well, and know what bricks are currently trending. We have a thorough knowledge of current bricks used on award-winning developments, and we can tailor our search for you so that you find the most popular bricks available.






Brick Supplier in UK to construction company's

send us your architect drawings and we can recommend bricks. Brick Supplier in the UK

Brick Supplier in the UK, supplying domestic builders and contractors



Custom Brick supplying Services

We Save You Time


 As a custom brick supplier in the Uk, we have an extensive knowledge of the brick market, meaning that you can just give us a general idea of what you want. We get to work to find you the best bricks to match your description, along with sample boards, images for illustration and data sheets should you require them.

We can also provide a brick cutting service to have cut bricks or assembled facades delivered to you on site.


Our Services include: 

Sourcing bricks of any size and shape     In-Vogue Bricks     BBA approved Brick Cladding 

 Brick Cutting    Brick Matching


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Grey, paving brick, brick supplier in the UK

Contact Us Today

Send us a message with details on what kind of masonry or brickwork you are after, and we will get back to you soon with a free quote. All of our bricks are reasonably priced but if you are not happy with a quote we will do our best to find the best match in a lower cost solution from our readily available range.

 If you would prefer you can call us today on 07841353995 and to talk to one of our team directly.


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We do our best to match bricks from your images and descriptions that we receive. Please give as much information as possible so we can source your requested bricks and quote appropriately.

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