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We realise that it can take time to search for your perfect brick. But here at Custom bricks, a brick supplier in the uk, we can do it for you. Give us  a rough idea of what you want, and we can find the best brick on the market to match your vision. If you have no idea what brick would be best, we can also visit your site in person and make some great suggestions for you. All of our quotes are freely given, you only pay for the bricks! If you are not happy with the price of the bricks you are after we will do our best to come up with the best solution from our readily available range at a lower cost to suit your needs.

 Supply and Source any UK and Non- UK Bricks

If you are after bricks manufactured in the UK, we can provide you with the best brick for your development. If the place of manufacture is of no concern, we can also choose from imported bricks and masonry to find your perfect match.





 Do You Need A Brick Match Or Advice On What Bricks To Use on an Architectural Build?




If you aren’t sure of the look to go for, we can visit your development and give suggestions based on our years of experience in the brick business. We know what looks good from a planning perspective, and are always happy to make suggestions, providing sample boards, images and data sheets wherever needed. Get in contact with your brick match enquiries and architectural sketches with details of your requirements and we will get back to you with with the best solutions for your build. Call us or fill out an enquiry form today.

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 In-Vogue Bricks

We know which bricks are popular at the moment. We know the bricks that are being used on award-winning builds, and we are happy to provide you with the most in-demand bricks on the market today.



Custom brick supplier in the Uk. BBA approved brick cladding

BBA Approved Brick Cladding

We can offer all kinds of brick cladding depending on your needs, including BBA-approved brick cladding. Feel free to contact us with any kind of brick cladding you need access to.






Brick Cutting Service

If you need a custom shape of brick or pre-fabricated arches, we provide a high-quality brick cutting service dedicated to delivering quality cut bricks and assembled arches to your site.

 brick cutting service from a custom brick supplier in the UK


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Contact us today with any information or preferences regarding the bricks you need. We will respond as soon as possible with bricks to match, along with a free quote for you to consider. If you are unhappy with the quote provided we will do our best to find a lower cost solution from our readily available range.

Please fill out the contact form provided with details and images of the bricks you wish to match if applicable. Or call us on the number provided to discuss your requirements



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We do our best to match bricks from your images and descriptions that we receive. Please give as much information as possible so we can source your requested bricks and quote appropriately.

Please upload any Architect plans/ drawings or Brick match images here.
Please write any brick descriptions or information on your project that would help us in our search.

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